TZM Alloy


TZM Alloy is a molybdenum alloy (0.4-0.54% Ti, 0.06-0.12 %Zr, 0.01-0.04% C, balance Mo), which is consolidated by either the P/M or vacuum arc-casting processes. It is of great utility due to its high strength and high temperature applications, especially above 2000 °F. This alloy can also be named as: molybdenum alloy TZM, molybdenum TZM, molybdenum high temperature TZM, titanium-zirconium-molybdenum alloy.

Alloy Parts

TZM Molybdenum has a higher recrystallization temperature, higher strength, hardness at room and elevated temperatures than pure Molybdenum. It offers twice the strength of pure moly at temperatures over 1300 °C. The recrystallization temperature of TZM Alloy is approximately 250 °C higher than pure molybdenum and it offers better weld ability. For high strength applications such as rocket nozzles, furnace structural components, and forging dies, it can be well worth the cost differential.
We produce a wide range of molybdenum and molybdenum alloy mill products using powder metallurgy (PM) method. The availability of products from this process gives users many options in selecting a material to satisfy their specific application requirements.

TZM Molybdenum mill products available from either process include forging billets, bar, rod, sheet, plate and foil. All forms in basically the same size range as pure molybdenum with the exception of thin foil. Visit semi-finished to check the size range for each pure molybdenum products.

TZM Parts

Specification for Alloy Wire

Item Name TZM Alloy Wire
Specification ASTM B387, TYPE 364
Size 0.5mm-4.0mm diameter x L
Shape Straight wire, rolled wire
Surface Black oxide, chemically cleaned


Alloy Rods

Specification for Mo Alloy Rod

Item Name TZM Alloy Rod
Specification ASTM B387, TYPE 364
Size 4.0mm-100mm diameter x <2000mm L
Process Drawing, swaging
Surface Black oxide, chemically cleaned, Grinding

Alloy Plate

Specification for Mo Alloy Plate

Item Name TZM Alloy Plate
Specification ASTM B386, TYPE 364
Size 4.75mm-50mm thickness x W x L
Process Forging, rolling
Surface Chemically cleaned, Grinding

Alloy Tube

Specification for Mo Alloy Tube

Item Name TZM Alloy Tube
Specification ASTM B387, TYPE 364
Size 0.8”-20”OD, 106” max length for single piece of tube
Process Sintering, gun drilling
Surface Black oxide, chemically cleaned, Grinding

We can also provide Mo alloy parts accordingly to customers’ drawing.

Packaging for molybdenum alloy products

The standard package for molybdenum alloy product is wooden crate, so that the products can be protected during handling and transportation. Carton package for small pieces is also used.

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