Tungsten Tube

Tungsten tube is widely used as high-temperature vessels in sapphire single crystal growth furnaces, rare earth metals smelting systems, induction furnace heating elements, and quartz glass smelting systems. We provide tungsten tubes, crucibles, and other machined tungsten with great quality and competitive prices.


Fine tubes

Edgetech Industries LLC provides Tungsten Tubes with customized specifications used at high temperatures. We provide tungsten tubes with one end sealed for use as thermocouple protective sheaths.

We also offer tungsten rings in smaller lengths and even H-shaped tungsten tubes. The H shape refers to a tungsten tube with openings at both ends and spaced in the middle. The spaced position can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Protective sheaths for thermocouples

Specifications of our Tungsten tube

Shape Tube
Item No. PM74-T
Purity W≥99.95%
Density 18.3g/cc to 19.2g/cc
Process Sintering or machining from rod
Size 20-640mm OD x 50-1000mm length
Fine tungsten tube 4.75-20mm diameter x 50-300mm length
Surface Grinding, Finish turning

Production process: Isotactic pressing – Intermediate frequency sintering – Machining – Finishing.

Similar to the crucible, a tube with OD>80mm is made by sintering while small tubing is made by drilling from a rod or cylinder. The density of the sintered tube will be a bit smaller than that of forged rods. The price for a sintered one will be lower for 80-100mm OD tubes, which can be made both ways.

We are very familiar with our customer’s requirements regarding tungsten product quality, therefore we produce and deliver products with high purity and long service life.

Edgetech Industries LLC began offering Tungsten and other refractory metals products years ago. We specialize in providing worldwide customers with all types of Tungsten fabricated products (such as crucibles, rod and bar, sheet and plate, etc.), heavy alloys that are mostly used as weights and shielding, composites (such as CuW, and AgW) that are used for electrode contacts, and carbide alloy using as tools. Contact us at sales@edgetechmat.com for inquiries and more information on tungsten.

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