Tungsten Rod


Pure tungsten rod is produced from pure tungsten powder, the purity is usually quite high, 99.95%. Tungsten metal could be worked by forging, drawing, extruding and rolling. Pure tungsten ingot, which are made from tungsten powder by powder metallurgy, is the raw product to process tungsten rod.

Tungsten rods can be used to make emission cathodes, high temperature forming rods, support wires, printer pins, various electrodes, heating elements of quartz furnace, etc. Tungsten rods are also engaged in guns, rockets, satellites, airplanes and ships.

Tungsten cylinder / ingot

We manufacture our tungsten rods & bars from particularly fine-grained materials, which guarantees good machinability.

We place the emphasis on absolute precision during the production of our tungsten rods. With our many years of experience in the field of refractory metals, even rods of diameters of up to 100 mm are available. We insist on particularly low tolerances in terms of both diameter and roundness and guarantee rods of exceptional straightness.


Specifications for our W rod

Shape Rod
Item Code PM74-R
Purity W≥99.95%
Size 2.0mm to 30mm, Grinding surface
>30mm, Smooth forged surface
Density Sintered rod: ≥18.3g/cc
Forged rod: ≥18.5g/cc
Process Pressing-sintering-forging-surface treatment
Surface lathed, center-less grinding, or etched
Related products Tungsten Ingot, wire, Heating elements, Bar, Block, Ring, Cylinder, etc.

Edgetech Industries LLC began offering Tungsten and other refractory metals products years ago. We specialize in providing worldwide customers with all types of Tungsten fabricated products (such as crucible, rod and bar, sheet and plate, etc.), heavy alloy that is mostly used as weights and shielding, composites (such as CuW, AgW) that is used for electrode contacts, and carbide alloy using as tools.

Machined & customized tungsten parts are also available. Contact us at sales@edgetechmat.com for any inquiries and questions

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