Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple Wire


Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple Wire is made by different composition of W-Re alloys.

Tungsten rhenium alloy can be used over a wide temperature range (-196°C to 2,760°C) and standard temperature tables (ASTM E230 and E1751) are available from 0°C to 2315°C. Rhenium improves the properties of tungsten. Tungsten rhenium alloys are more ductile at low temperature while stability under high temperature is improved as while. The effect increases with the rhenium concentration and usually W Re alloys are produced up to 26% of Re. The cost of these materials is relatively lower compared to noble Pt and Rh.

Tungsten Rhenium (W-Re) Thermocouple Wire Description:

Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple Wire

Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple Wire

Edgetech Industries LLC is a global supplier of Tungsten Rhenium (W-Re) Thermocouple Wire. Tungsten Rhenium alloy is an alloy of tungsten and rhenium.
Low rhenium alloy: containing rhenium 5% or less
High rhenium alloy: containing rhenium from 20% to 30%.
A pair of low rhenium alloy and high rhenium alloy can be used to measure the high temperature of 1500~3000 ℃ as thermocouple wire. Use of tungsten rhenium thermocouple wire instead of platinum and rhodium thermocouple wire can save the cost.

The typical composition of Tungsten Rhenium (W-Re) Alloy Wire is WRe3, WRe5, WRe20, WRe25, WRe26 (Rhenium content: 3%, 5%, 20%, 25% and 26%).

Tungsten Rhenium (W-Re) thermocouple wire(a pair, like W-3Re/W-25Re(abbr. WRe 3/25), W-5Re/W-20Re(abbr. WRe 5/20), W-5Re/W-26Re(abbr. WRe 5/26), W/W-26Re)

W-Re Thermocouple Wire Specification:
Item Number: A7475-TW

Material: Tungsten Rhenium Alloy WRe 3/25, WRe 5/20, WRe 5/26
Supplier: Edgetech Industries LLC
Synonyms: Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple Wire, WRe 5/26 Thermocouple Wire, WRe Thermocouple Wire, W-Re Thermocouple Wire
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Diameter: 0.1-1.1mm,
WRe 3/25: typical 0.08mm, 0.1mm, 0.5mm
WRe 5/26: typical 0.25mm, 0.35mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm

Diameter and Tolerance:

Type WRe 3/25 WRe 5/26
Diameter (mm) 0.08, 0.1, 0.5 0.25, 0.35, 0.5, 1.0
Tolerance ±0.02 ±0.02

Technical Parameters:  

Type Diameter (mm) Work Temp, (℃) Work Condition Tolerance
WRe5/26 0.5 0~2300 vacuum, H2 and inert ±0.5%~1%t
WRe3/25 0.08
0~2300 molten steel ±0.25%~±0.5%t

Temp. and Tolerance:

Type Work Temp. (℃) Tolerance
WRe3/25 0~400 4.0℃
400~2300 ±0.25%t
WRe5/26 0~400 4.0℃
400~2300 ±0.5%t
t: test temp.

We also provide molybdenum tube, tungsten tube with or without one end closed to protect the Thermocouple Wire. Send us your inquiry to sales@edge-techind.com.

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