Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy


If small quantities of lanthanum oxide (La₂O₃, 1.0~2.0%, 0.2~0.6%) are added to tungsten, its creep resistance is improved and the recrystallization temperature is increased. The machining performance for Lanthanum oxide-doped tungsten (Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy, W-La alloy) is better than pure tungsten. Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy is an ideal material for ion sources, welding electrodes and contact electrodes.

The regular content is for  W-La alloy 1.5% & 0.5% of lanthanum oxide .

Properties of lanthanum oxide-doped tungsten

-High melting point

-High thermal stability

-Good electrical conductivity

-Good thermal conductivity

-Low thermal expansion coefficient

Applications for W-La alloy

-Coils/boats for evaporating equipment

-Circular blanks for semi-conductor technology

-Power supply wires and anodes/cathodes for thermionic tubes

-Electrodes for plasma coating

-Electrodes for electric resistance welding

-TIG electrodes for shield gas welding, plasma welding

Products for W-La alloy
-Sputtering targets
-Components per drawings

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