Tungsten Disc


We supply tungsten disc, washer and square for power semiconductors.
Tungsten disc & square are widely used as contact materials in silicon controlled rectifiers diodes, transistors and thyristors (GTO’S), it is only involved in specialist applications. Otherwise, molybdenum is the first choice mounting material for power semiconductor devices due to its significantly lower cost and weight.
Tungsten discs and squares are cut from tungsten sheets and plates by saw or EDM cutting, they can also be punched.

Specifications for W disc and square:

Shape Round Disc Square
Item No. PM74-D PM74-S2
Purity W≥99.95% W≥99.95%
Size 0.1-20 thick x 20-100mm Diameter 0.1-20mm x 20-100mm x 20-100mm

Dimensions for W disc:

Thickness Diameter
0.1-0.3mm 5-50mm
0.31-0.5mm 10-50mm
0.51-1.0mm 10-100mm
1.0-2.0mm 20-100mm
2.1-20.0mm 20-100mm

Tungsten with larger thickness will be named as tungsten cylinder, we can also provide cylinder per request.

Edgetech Industries LLC began offering Tungsten and other refractory metals products years ago. We specialize in providing worldwide customers with all types of Tungsten fabricated products (such as crucible, rod and bar, sheet and plate, etc.), heavy alloy that is mostly used as weights and shielding, composites (such as CuW, AgW) that is used for electrode contacts, and carbide alloy using as tools. Contact us at sales@edgetechmat.com for inquires and more information of tungsten.

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