Titanium Wire Mesh


Titanium wire mesh (cloth, wire mesh screen) is weaved by metal wire; we provide titanium wire mesh with commercial pure titanium and Ti-6Al-4V Gr5 Titanium.

Mesh tube

Titanium wire mesh can be used in screening and filtering in acidic and alkaline environments, gas-liquid filtration and other media separation. It can also coated with MMO and used as anode.

Edgetech Industries LLC has been specialized in titanium wire mesh production for many years, our wire mesh has stabilized filtering characteristics.

We also provide mesh basket, mesh tube and mesh anode assemblies, send us the details on mesh to sales@edge-techind.com.

Specifications for our Ti mesh

Item Type
Material Titanium Wire
Gr1, Gr2, Gr5
Dia.: 0.05mm-10.0mm
Black CP Ti Wire, Gr5
(ASTM B863)
Shipbuilding and seawater filtration, etc.
Polished CP Ti Wire (ASTM B863) Making electrode and current collection grid, fine chemicals filtration
Medical Ti Wire
(ASTM F136)
Making Medical Parts and equipment
Mesh 1-150 mesh
Aperture rate:10%-90%
Size: 10mm-1000mm Width x Length, in roll. Regularly max L: 30m
Processing Plain weaving
Properties Acid and Alkali resistance, High strength
High temperature resistance, and wear resistance
Application Titanium mesh can be used in acid and alkali environment, as sieve in petroleum industry and chemical fiber industrial, pickling in electroplating industrial, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Titanium gas-liquid filter, Titanium current collector, Titanium mesh demister.

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