Titanium Anode


Edgetech Industries LLC provides metal oxide and metal mixture oxide coated (MMO coated) titanium anode such as RuO2/IrO2 coated, platinised . These anodes are used for cathode protection.

Ti anode rod


RuO2, IrO2 coated Titanium anodes are used in chlor-alkali process, sodium hypochlorite production, sewage treatment and sea water desalinization, etc..
IrO2, Ta2O5 coated anode can be used in electrolytic copper foil, Al foil, organic electrolyte production and catholic protection.
Pt coated anodes are used in electrolytic deposition and water treatment, etc.. This is called Platinized Titanium Anode.
PbO2 coated Titanium electrodes are widely used in perchlorate production and sewage treatment, etc..


Titanium anode is also called DSA (dimensional stable anode) anode or insoluble Ti anode due to its good dimension stability and high corrosion resistance, which can prevent it from polluting the electrolysis solution and increase final product purity.  Main part can be titanium sheet, titanium rod, titanium mesh, titanium plate, etc.  We also provide MMO titanium anode with cable.

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Type of our MMO anode

Our regular Ti anode
·For chlorine evolution
·For ionized water electrolysis
·Ti anodes box for chlor-alkali industry
·For sludge treatment
·Platinized Titanium Anode electrolytic deposition and water treatment
·For electroplating
·For wastewater treatment
·Ti anodes basket for electroplating industry
·For sodium hypochlorite generator
·For copper recovery in etching liquid
·Anodes assembly for swimming pool disinfection
·For ionized water electrolysis
·For metal electrodepositing
·PbO2 coated Titanium electrode perchlorate production and sewage treatment

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