Tantalum Ribbon


Tantalum ribbon can take hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen away from the atmosphere and is the ideal product for vacuum applications in the lighting industry. Tantalum is corrosion resistant and has good thermal conductivity, it can be used in manufacture of heating elements, vacuum tubes and other high temperature parts.

Specifications for our tantalum ribbon (Tantalum belt, Ta ribbon)

Material: Ta≥99.95%
Size: 0.8-2.5mm width x 0.02-0.30mm thickness x L
Width tolerance: +/-0.2mm, Thickness tolerance: +/-0.003mm)
Strong anti-oxidant properties, resistance to high temperature
Flat and smooth surface, no roll prints, bubbly, scratches, etc.

Application for tantalum belt, Ta ribbon

  1. Used in laboratory equipment.
  2. As a substitute for platinum.
  3. Used in manufacturing super alloys and electron-beam melting.
  4. Used in metallurgical, machinery processing, glass and ceramic industries.
  5. As a super alloy additive in nickel-based alloys.
  6. As a light source material for halogen lamp, sodium lamp, auto lamp, quartz glass lamp, etc.

Material: R05200, Electron beam or vacuum-arc cast tantalum & R05400, Sintered tantalum

Precision rolled Tungsten ribbon, Molybdenum Ribbon, and Niobium ribbon

Material: Tungsten≥99.95%, Molybdenum≥99.95%, Niobium≥99.5%
Size: 2.0-12.0mm width x 0.10-0.50mm thickness x L
Width tolerance: +/-0.02mm, Thickness tolerance: +/-0.002mm)

We also supply  tungsten belt, niobium belt, nickel belt, zirconium niobium tube, molybdenum boat, molybdenum sleeves and other parts for lighting industries. Please send your inquiry to sales@edge-techind.com for tantalum and other products for lighting industries. .

Packing of tantalum ribbon

We provide tantalum in roll and on plastic spool. Outer package will be carton or wood crate according to quantity and size of tantalum ribbon.

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