Tantalum Capillary

Edgetech offers high-quality fine/micro tantalum tubing and capillary tubes with unparalleled purity and reliability at affordable prices.


Tantalum capillary is a high-performance tantalum product with excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and good electrical conductivity. Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, it is widely used in the aerospace, chemical, and petroleum industries. Edgetech offers high-quality fine/micro tantalum tubing and capillary tubing with unparalleled purity and reliability at affordable prices.

Tantalum Capillary

Tantalum capillary tube is a high-quality material with many excellent properties. It has a high melting point and high hardness, making it stable at very high temperatures and pressures, and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, ensuring dimensional stability. Tantalum capillary tubing also has excellent corrosion resistance and good electrical properties, making it excellent in a variety of chemical and industrial applications. In addition, the biocompatibility of tantalum capillaries makes them widely used in medical implants and other biomedical applications. These properties make tantalum capillary tubes ideal for use in aerospace, electronics, petrochemical, and medical applications, and we are committed to providing the highest quality tantalum capillary tubes to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

Tantalum and niobium coexist, and their hardness is second only to tungsten, rhenium, and osmium among metal elements. It is easily hydrogenated, but it is the most corrosion-resistant metal and has a very good affinity with human tissue. Commonly used in the manufacture of medical equipment and special instruments. Because its special manufacturing process is quite different from other metal capillary tubes, there are very few manufacturers that produce tantalum capillary tubes.

Specifications of our ultra-fine tantalum capillary tubes:
Material: Tantalum, 99.95%
Size: outer diameter Φ0.2~Φ8mm, wall thickness: T0.015~0.5mm.
Highest accuracy: outer diameter: Φ±0.003mm, wall thickness: T±0.005mm, length: L±0.03mm.
Appearance: Observed under a microscope, the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe show uniform metallic luster, without oxidation, hydrogenation, discoloration, scratches, deformation, burrs, etc.
Specifications can be customized based on user requirements based on the above range.

As a traditional high-quality marking tape (development marker), tantalum imaging rings have been widely used in the medical industry, such as various minimally invasive surgeries such as cardiac surgery. The actual imaging effect is close to the traditional iridium-platinum imaging ring.
The outer diameter of the developing ring is 0.2mm to 8.0mm, and the wall thickness can be as thin as 0.02mm.
To get a quick quote, material, OD/ID/Length, tolerances, quantity, and surface requirements are required.

Tantalum Tube

Tantalum capillary applications
1. Electronic industry: Because tantalum capillary tubes have high melting points, low vapor pressure, and good electrical properties, they play an important role in electronic equipment. Used to manufacture electronic components, integrated circuit connecting wires, high-precision electron tubes, etc.
2. Aerospace industry: In the aerospace field, tantalum capillary tubes are favored for their high strength, low density, and high-temperature stability. It is used to manufacture structural parts of aircraft and rockets, furnace tubes of high-temperature furnaces, crucibles, etc.
3. Medical: The biocompatibility and corrosion resistance of tantalum capillaries make them ideal for use in medical implants. It can be used to manufacture biomedical devices such as artificial joints, dental implants, and cardiovascular equipment.
4. Chemical and petroleum industries: Tantalum capillary tubes have excellent corrosion resistance, making them widely used in chemical reaction vessels, pipelines, valves, pumps, and other equipment. In the petroleum industry, it is used to manufacture oil drilling equipment and pipelines.
5. Military industry: The hardness and wear resistance of tantalum capillary tubes make them used in the military field to manufacture weapons, ammunition, and weapon parts.
6. Other fields: In addition to the above applications, tantalum capillary tubes are also used to manufacture furnace tubes for high-temperature furnaces, thermocouple protection tubes, metal processing tools, etc.

Tantalum capillary  is carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and shipping.

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