Porous Tungsten


Edgetech Industries LLC provides porous tungsten rod, sheet and disc with porosity from 20% to 50%.

Porous tungsten is produced by low-temperature sintering, opposite to normal tungsten products which are sintered at high temperature (>2000℃). It can be used as high current density cathode, which is an important usage for tungsten products. Its porous skeleton is a vital part of dispenser cathode. This can be used in aerospace, power electronics and metallurgical industries. It is also used to filtering high temperature liquid & gas.

Properties of our porous W

·High melting point
·Low density
·High strength
·Low thermal expansion coefficient
·Extraordinary corrosion resistance

Specification of our porous W products:

Product Item Code Size Porosity
Rod POM74-WR 3- 20mm diameter x 600mm length Max 20-40%
Sheet POM74-WS 2.5-20mm thick x 10~100mm width x 10~100mm length 20-50%
Disc POM74-WD 2.5-20mm thick x 10~100mm diameter 20-50%

Regular specification we have for porous tungsten rod is 6.35mm diameter x 500mm L with around 23% porosity. We can cut to length per request, but should be >20mm. We also provide porous tungsten cylinder and other customized shape, send your request to sales@edge-techind.com.

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