Platinized Niobium

Our Platinized Niobium Products (niobium-based platinum-plated electrode, anode) adopts a special electroplating process.

The surface of the specially treated niobium substrate is plated with platinum, which can be fully plated or partially plated. The surface of the product is silver-white, with a uniform and fine coating, firm bonding, and large output current. , long service life, and so on. The electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance of niobium are better than those of titanium, but niobium is expensive. Mainly used in electroplating, cathodic protection, etc., especially suitable for compound solutions containing fluoride ions (such as hard chrome plating of piston rings, valves, etc.)

Basic information of our platinized niobium products

-Base material: R04200 Niobium
-Working current range: <20000A/㎡
-Working temperature: <90℃
-Coating Metal: 99.99% Pt
-Platinum content: 22.45g/㎡/μm
-Platinum layer thickness: 0.5-15μm
-Product shape: mesh, plate, tube, rod, wire, etc.
-Use environment: PH value: 0-14

Instructions for use:

To prevent scratches by hard objects, take it out of the electrolytic cell when it is stopped, rinse the surface with clean water, and store it dry. The higher the current, the shorter the service life. For example, when the thickness of the platinum layer is 5μm, the current density is 8000A/㎡, and the solution contains 2g/L potassium fluoride, the continuous service life is 12-15 working days.

Standard for testing platinum-coated niobium electrodes

Test items Test Conditions Eligibility Requirements
Binding force 3M tape paste No black marks on the tape
Bending 180° on Φ12mm round shaft No peeling at bends
Uniformity Test X-ray fluorescence spectrometer ≤15%
Coating thickness X-ray fluorescence spectrometer 0.1-15μm
Chlorine evolution potential 2000A/m2, Sat NaCl,25±2℃ ≤1.15V
Chlorine polarizability 200/2000A/m2, Sat NaCl,25±2℃ ≤40mV
Enhanced longevity 40000A/m2,1mol/L H2SO4,40±2℃ ≥200h(1μm)
Enhanced weightlessness 20000A/m2,8mol/L NaOH,95±2℃,Electrolysis 4h ≤10mg

Dimensions and coating thickness for platinized niobium can be customized in range. Contact us for any inquiries.

Machined & customized Niobium parts are also available. Contact us at for any inquiries and questions on niobium and its alloys products.

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