Nitinol Wire


Edgetech Industries LLC manufactures nitinol wire (nickel titanium alloy wire) from various grades of nickel-titanium alloy commonly used in medical applications as well for other various applications.

Nitinol is a metal alloy, it exhibits two closely related and unique properties: shape memory and superelasticity. We provide nitinol wire with both properties.

Superelastic wire

Medical grade nitinol material comprises nickel and titanium in nearly equal atomic weight percentages; per ASTM F2063, a nickel content of 54.5-57 wt% is specified for using in surgical implants. Nitinol material with different compositions and phase transformation temperature can be used for other applications.


Specifications for our shape memory wire and superelastic alloy wire

Product Name Nitinol wire
Specification ASTM F2063-12
Af Temp. -10°C to 120°C
Size 0.004”-0.2” Diameter x L Regular wire, 0.1mm min diameter
Surface Black, Pickled, Polished (Dia.>0.04”)
Available Shape Straight, Coils, On Spools
Applications Dental braces, Stent, Fishing wire, Springs, etc.
Other wire type Square wire, rectangular wire, Multi-strand nitinol wire and other customized shape

Thin/Fine Shape Memory Wire

We provide nitinol round wire, flat wire with different Af (-10°C to 120°C). We now have the capacity of making the wire maintain super-elasticity at -10°C. This wire can be made into spring.

The finest wire we can make for muscle wire (also called shape memory actuator wire) is

0.02mm, nitinol muscle wire is an important part for robotics applications.

Nitinol fishing wire is a superelastic alloy which can be stretched over ten times the length of ordinary steel leaders without permanent deformation. Any experienced angler knows the frustration of a kinked leader.

Sometimes it seems like the steel leader is only good for one catch, after which the wire is out of commission from bends and kinks. No one wants to re-tie or change rigs on a rocking boat when you could be fishing! Now you can cast your bait back in the water and catch another! With our fishing wire your day starts and ends with the same leader. We can provide Af=-10℃ or even lower nitinol (Nickle titanium alloy) wire for low temperature fishing.

Packing information for our nickel titanium alloy wire

Nitinol Spring

Our nitinol wire is mostly packed in wooden crates, this can protect the products during transportation and handling.

We can also program custom shape when heating nitinol wire,

In order to get a quite quote, transition temperature, thickness, quantity, surface requirements are needed. Click Here to submit your inquiry.

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