Nitinol Tube


Nitinol is a metal alloy, it exhibits two closely related and unique properties: shape memory and superelasticity. Superelasticity occurs in a narrow temperature range just above the transformation temperature; in these conditions, no heating is necessary to return to the pre-deformation shape.

Nitinol tubes-4.5mm OD

We only provide nitinol tube with Superelastic Effect-An elastic (reversible) response to an applied temperature, caused by a phase transformation between the austenitic and martensitic phases of a crystal.

Active Austenite Finish Temperature of Nitinol Tube
The austenite finish temperature of the finished tube (active Af) with an outer diameter in the range of 0.25 to 7.0 mm (0.01 to 0.275 in.) shall be measured on representative full round tube sample(s) using the bend and free recovery method described in Test Method ASTM F 2082-15.

Mechanical Properties & Surface Finish

Condition UTS
σb MPa
Upper Plateau Stressσload MPa Active Af ℃
Superelastic >1000 ≥10 ≥380 <20

* Superelastic properties are measured per Test Method F2516 at room temperature (22+/-2℃)
* Applicable Standard: ASTM F2633

-Outer surface: Black oxide or Center-less Ground.
-Inner surface: Etched or oxide.
Other finishes can be discussed with EdgeTech Industries.

Nominal Dimensions and Tolerances of Nitinol Tube

Nominal OD/ID mm (in) Diameter tolerance mm (in)
≤1.5 (0.059) +/-0.025 (+/-0.001)
1.5<OD≤6.5 (0.059~0.256) +/-0.050 (+/-0.002)
6.5<OD≤10 (0.256~1.2) +/-0.075 (+/-0.003)

* Other variations in OD and ID can be discussed.

Nitinol tubing-0.27mm OD

Length & Straightness of Nitinol Tube
Nitinol tube can be delivered in either exact length or random length, for random length orders, a maximum and minimum length shall be discussed. Straightness requirements and measurement methods shall be discussed.

Permissible Outer and Inner Surface Imperfections of Nitinol Tube
Outer and inner surface imperfections criteria on tubes shall be discussed.

Typical applications:
Medical: catheters, needles, dental products, nickel-titanium tube parts, nickel-titanium stents, bone cement conveyors, etc.
Civil: sensor fasteners, pipe joints, memory alloy rings, etc.

Our super-elastic NiTi tubes feature excellent flexibility, kink-free, and shape memory property. They have been used for a variety of purposes such as cardiovascular translational operations and a catheter. About 40days will be necessary from receiving a drawing to deliver a product with your original specifications.

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