Niobium Zirconium Alloy


Edgetech Industries LLC can provide niobium zirconium alloys in shaped products (Nb-Zr alloy wire, rod, tube, plate, sheet, etc.) and custom niobium zirconium alloy parts. Check Semifinished Niobium for detailed dimensions.

Specification for Niobium Zirconium Alloy products

Product name Material Specification Size Inquiry
Nb-1Zr Alloy Foil R4251 (Nb-1Zr), R4261 (Nb-1Zr) ASTM B393 Thickness 0.01-0.09 mm, Width 30-300 mm, Length >50 mm Inquiry
Nb-1Zr Alloy Sheet & Plate R4251 (Nb-1Zr), R4261 (Nb-1Zr) ASTM B393 Thickness 0.1-10 mm, Width 30-1000 mm, Length 50-2000 mm Inquiry
Nb-1Zr Alloy Tube & Pipe R4251 (Nb-1Zr), R4261 (Nb-1Zr) ASTM B394 Outer Diameter 2.0-100 mm, Wall Thickness 0.2-5.0 mm, Length 200-8000 mm Inquiry
Nb-1Zr Alloy Rod R4251 (Nb-1Zr), R4261 (Nb-1Zr) ASTM B392 Diameter 3.0-120 mm, Length <6000 mm Inquiry
Nb-1Zr Alloy Wire R4251 (Nb-1Zr), R4261 (Nb-1Zr) ASTM B392 Diameter: 0.1-3.0 mm, in coil & on spool Inquiry
Nb-1Zr Alloy Disc & Target R4251 (Nb-1Zr), R4261 (Nb-1Zr) ASTM B393 Circular Targets: Diameter 10-400 mm, Thickness 2-28 mm.
Rectangular Targets: Thickness 1-20 mm Width <800 mm Length <3000 mm

We provide semi-finised and customized parts of Niobium alloys.

Material: Niobium Zirconium Alloy, Niobium Hafnium Alloy, Molybdenum Niobium Alloy, Niobium Nickel Alloy, Superconducting Materials,

Shape: Niobium Alloy Wire, Sheet, Plate, Block, Tube, Rod, Ingot, Bar, customized parts.

Niobium alloy sputtering targets: Nb-1Zr Alloy Targets, Niobium Hafnium Alloy Targets, Molybdenum Niobium Alloy Targets, Niobium Nickel Alloy Targets, etc.


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