Niobium Plate


We provide niobium rolling product with thickness 0.03mm to 10mm, including niobium plate (board), sheet, foil, strip & and ribbon.

Specifications for niobium plate

Material: R04200-1, R04210-2, 99.9% pure
Specification: As per ASTM B393-05

Item Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Inquiry
Nb Plate 0.5-10 50-1000 50-3000 Inquiry

Standard Specification ASTM B 393-05 for niobium and niobium alloy plate, ribbon, strip, foil,  sheet.

This specification covers five grades as follows:
1. ASTM B 393-05 UNS R04200 -Type 1, Reactor grade unalloyed niobium;
2. ASTM B 393-05 UNS R04210 -Type 2, Commercial grade unalloyed niobium;
3. ASTM B 393-05 UNS R04251 -Type 3, Reactor grade niobium alloy containing 1% zirconium;
4. ASTM B 393-05 UNS R04261 -Type 4, Commercial grade niobium alloy containing 1% zirconium;
5. ASTM B 393-05 UNS R0xxxx -Type 5, Residual Resistivity Ratio(RRR) grade pure niobium.
RRR values: guaranteed min. RRR 260 *,
* The Residual Resistivity Ratio RRR is defined as the ratio of electrical resistivity at 295K to electrical resistivity at 4,2K.

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