Niobium Mesh


We provide niobium wire mesh, sheet expanded mesh, platinized mesh anode, stamped mesh.

Wire mesh: 20-180 mesh, weaved by Nb metal wire.
Sheet expanded mesh: Opening size 1×1 mm to 50 x 50 mm, per customer request, expanded by niobium sheets.
Stamped mesh: Opening size 1-50mm diameter, per customer request, stamped by niobium sheets.
Surface for un-coated mesh: Black oxide, chemically cleaned

Noble metal electroplating, aluminum wheel hub electroplating and special electroplating, recycle, anodic oxidation and electroplating.

Platinized niobium mesh:

Material Niobium (Nb)
Current density 10000A/m2
Fluorine ion content <500mg/L
Life span >10 months
Coating oxide Pt
Platinum content  ≥10g/m2
Working temperature <80°C
Coating thickness  0.5-15µm

Features of platinized Nb anode (Mesh, wire, sheet, plate, rod, rube)
4-5 times more than platinized titanium mesh anode, but save 2.5 times cost of the latter. Nice current distribution and even thickness.

The platinum layer is firmly combined with the niobium-based substrate, and the performance is extremely stable. It is used for ceramic composite electroplating and has the advantages of strong current and low voltage.

Application: seawater, potassium gold cyanide + citric acid, horizontal electroplating, pulse electroplating, cathodic protection, acid and alkaline electroplating solutions, fluorine-containing solutions and other special electroplating solutions.

Dimensions and coating thickness can be customized in range. Contact us for any inquiries.

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