Niobium Hafnium Alloy


Niobium hafnium alloy has high melting point, fine anti-corrosion and workability, it can be used for pharmacy, semiconductor, aviation, nuclear, etc.
Niobium hafnium alloy tube & pipe are in gray metal color with high strength & conductivity; they can be used in steel, ceramics, electronics, nuclear energy & superconductors.
Our niobium hafnium foil, sheet, plates are used in chemical anti-corrosion, capacitors, optical target materials, superconductors, medical treatment, refrigeration, chemical industry, electroplate etc.
Niobium hafnium alloy rod & bar are made from niobium powder by forging and polishing, they are used in steel, metallurgy, atomic energy, superconductors, medical equipment, etc.
Our niobium hafnium alloy crucible is used in metallurgical industry, chemical industry, machinery processing, glass and ceramic industries.
Niobium hafnium alloy sputtering target is used in chemicals, ships, liquid crystal display (LCD) and conductive coating industry, etc.
Specification for Nb-Hf alloy products

Product name Material Specification Size Inquiry
Nb-Hf Alloy Ingot R04295 (Nb-10Hf), Nb-10W-10Hf
ASTM B652 Diameter 20-295 mm, Length <1600 mm Inquiry
Nb-Hf Alloy Foil Thickness 0.01-0.09 mm, Width 30-300 mm, Length >50 mm Inquiry
Nb-Hf Alloy Sheet & Plate Thickness 0.1-10 mm, Width 30-1000 mm, Length 50-2000 mm Inquiry
Nb-Hf Alloy Tube & Pipe ASTM B394 Outer Diameter 2.0-100 mm, Wall Thickness 0.2-5.0 mm, Length 200-8000 mm Inquiry
Nb-Hf Alloy Rod ASTM B655 Diameter 3.0-120 mm, Length <6000 mm Inquiry
Nb-Hf Alloy Disc & Target ASTM B652 Circular Targets: Diameter 10-400 mm, Thickness 2-28 mm.
Rectangular Targets: Thickness 1-20 mm Width <800 mm Length <3000 mm
Nb-Hf Alloy Crucible Shape: Cylinder, Core,
rectangular boat
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