Molybdenum Rod


Molybdenum rod can be manufactured into wire, electrode, steel-making additives, electric vacuum parts, gas pipes, lead-wire, pole, side bars, daily-use glass, optical glass, insulation material and glass fiber. Small crucibles and tubes are machined from Moly rods.

About Material

Molybdenum is used for its extremely high melting point and relative flexibility. Molybdenum has a melting point of 2,623 °C. Molybdenum has a high elastic modulus, and only tungsten and tantalum have higher melting points. Typical applications for Molybdenum are crucibles, evaporation boats, propulsion components, x-ray tube, lighting industry, glass melting electrodes, high temperature furnaces, sputtering targets, heat sinks, heating elements, electrodes, stirrers, orifice plates, support members, mandrels, shields, sintering trays, filaments, furnace windings, thermocouple sheathes, nose cones, nozzles, jet tabs, contacts, brazing fixtures, boring bars, tools, heat radiation shields, cathodes, and aircraft and missile parts and nuclear energy applications where high temperature resistance is crucial.

Moly rods packing

Surface Finish for Mo rods
Black –Surface covered with processing lubricants and oxides.
Cleaned – Surface is chemically cleaned to remove all lubricants and oxides.
Ground – Surface is center less ground to remove all coating and to achieve precise diameter control.

Moly rod is manufactured as random length pieces or cut to customized lengths in diameters ranging from 0.16 inches to 6.00 inches.

Specification for molybdenum rod:

Product Molybdenum Rod
Standard ASTM B387, Type 361/364
Process Drawing, swaging
Purity Mo≥99.95%
Size 0.16”~6.0” diameter x L
Surface Grinding, Finish turning

Other size of Mo rods and parts machined from rods can be manufactured per drawings, we also provide TZM alloy rod and Mo-La alloy rod per drawings. Send your inquiry to

Packing of Moly rod

Regularly, our molybdenum rods (TZM alloy rod, Mo-La rod) are packed in wooden crate, cartons are also used for small rod and cylinder.


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