Molybdenum Disc


Molybdenum Disc & Square has a similar low coefficient of thermal expansion to with silicon, but better machining properties. Based on this reason, it is usually used for heat dissipation as electronic component of high power and high reliability semiconductor, contact materials in silicon controlled rectifiers diodes, transistors and thyristors (GTO), mounting material for power semiconductor, heat sink bases in IC, LSI and hybrid circuits.

Moly Disc Part

We provide both coated (coating: Ru, Rh, Ni, Ag, Au etc.) molybdenum disc & un-coated disc and square.

Specification for our un-coated Moly Discs and Square

Product Molybdenum Disc Molybdenum Square
Standard ASTM B386, type 361/364 ASTM B386, type 361/364
Material Mo≥99.95%, TZM Alloy Mo≥99.95%, TZM Alloy
Size 5~100mm diameter x 0.2~12mm thickness 25~100mm2 x 0.5~12.0 thickness
Surface Chemically cleaned, Grinding, As rolled

Molybdenum Square

We can also provide TZM Alloy disc and MoLa alloy disc. Price for pure molybdenum is lower than TZM alloy and Mo-La Alloy cause the machining and sintering process.

Packaging for our Moly disc and square

The standard package for molybdenum disc, TZM alloy disc, Mo-La disc is wooden crate, so that goods can be protected during handling and transportation. Small discs and squares will be appropriated packing in carton.

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