Molybdenum Cylinder


Molybdenum cylinder and ingot can be made into rods, wire, pellets, and other molybdenum products.

TZM Alloy Cylinder

Surface Finish for molybdenum cylinder
Black –Surface covered with processing lubricants and oxides.
Finish turning- Surface is machined by turning, similar with grinding.
Ground – Surface is center-less ground to remove all coating and to achieve precise diameter control.

Molybdenum cylinder is manufactured to customized lengths in diameters ranging from 0.16″ to 6″. Long cylinder with small diameter will be called rod, while cylinder with large diameter is called ingot. Cylinder will small diameter and length can be called as pellets.

Specification for Moly cylinder & ingot

Product Molybdenum Cylinder
Standard ASTM B387, Type 361/364
Process Drawing, swaging, Forging
Purity Mo≥99.95%, TZM Alloy, MoLa Alloy
Size Per request
Surface Black oxide, Grinding, Finish turning

Molybdenum Rods

We also provide TZM alloy cylinder and Mo-La alloy cylinder and ingot per drawings.

Packing of Moly cylinder & ingot

Regularly, our cylinders and ingots (TZM alloy cylinder, Mo-La cylinder) are packed in wooden crate, cartons are also used for small pellets.

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