Machined Titanium


EdgeTech Industries LLC provides machined titanium parts as titanium fasteners, titanium pipe fittings, titanium flange and other complex and customized parts.

Titanium Fasteners: Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washer

Material & size specifications for our Titanium fasteners

Product Titanium Fasteners
Material Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 7, Grade 9, etc.
Specification DIN933 DIN931 DIN6921 DIN934 DIN985 DIN6923 DIN125 DIN127 DIN9021 DIN975 DIN912 DIN7991 DIN963 DIN84 ISO7380
Size Titanium Bolt,
Titanium Screws
Titanium Nut Titanium Washer
M3 to M30
Length: 10mm-300mm
M3-M22 OD: 5mm-200mm
ID: 1mm-100mm Thickness: 0.1mm-30mm

Machined titanium parts

Titanium Pipe Fittings: Tee, Stub End, Reducer, Elbow, Pipe Plugs, Pipe Nipples, Caps, Couplings, Bushings, etc.

Edgetech Industries LLC provides titanium pipe fittings (titanium tee, titanium reducer, titanium stub end, titanium pipe plugs, titanium pipe nipples, titanium caps, titanium couplings, titanium bushings.) per ASME B16.9 specification, material is Gr1, Gr2, Gr7, Gr9, and Gr12.

Titanium Flanges: Slip-on Flange, Weld Neck Flange, Blind Flange, etc.

Edgetech Industries provides all types of titanium flange per ASME B16.5 specification, mainly titanium slip-on flange, titanium blind flange, titanium weld neck flange and titanium lap joint flange. Material is mainly C.P. Titanium.

Complex parts processing method: Wire cut, CNC machining, Lathe machining, laser cut, etc. Machined titanium parts can be produced per drawings.

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