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Molybdenum and Tungsten are both refractory metals and are ideally suited to make furnace parts used at high temperatures. With their special properties, they are the perfect choice for components in the furnace construction industry. Molybdenum and tungsten furnace parts are mostly used for high temperature furnace and sapphire growth furnace and other high temperature furnace.

Mo boat

Properties for molybdenum & tungsten furnace parts:
-High operating temperatures
-Outstanding creep resistance
-High level of dimensional stability
-Extremely pure
-Excellent corrosion resistance
-Low coefficient of expansion

Products  & process for Moly furnace parts:
-Crucible: Sintered directly or machined from rod & ingot
Container: Sintered directly or machined from rod & ingot
Self: Machined, welded from rods & sheets
Heating element: machined from rods, wire, strip
Heat shields: welded and machined from sheets
Boats: Stamped or welded from sheets

Mo container

Specification of Moly furnace parts
Material: ASTM B386/387, Type 361
Purity: Mo, 99.95%
Application temperature environment: < 1900°C
Dimensions: Per drawings

High-quality molybdenum products provide exceptional heat resistance. Price of molybdenum furnace parts depend on size, complexity, configuration, and additional requirements specified in the order. We also provide tungsten furnace parts.

Please send us your drawings of molybdenum heater to sales@edgetechmat.com.


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