Welcome to Edgetech Industries (ETI), the leading manufacturer of high-quality nitinol tube. Nitinol, also known as nickel-titanium alloy, is a unique material with shape memory and superelastic properties that have made it highly desirable in various industries. Over the years, ETI has been at the forefront of researching and developing new applications for nitinol tube, […]

Welcome to our blog post on Nitinol tubes – the latest innovation in the world of shape memory alloys. If you are unfamiliar with this specialized material, then you’re in for a treat! Nitinol, also known as nickel-titanium alloy, is a superelastic and thermally reactive material that has revolutionized industries such as aerospace, healthcare, and […]

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramics have the advantages of high specific strength, high specific modulus, high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and wear resistance, and thermal shock resistance. The initial application of silicon nitride ceramics was mainly used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, aviation, semiconductor, and other industries, as parts of certain equipment or products, and achieved good […]

When it comes to industrial applications, the importance of using high-quality and reliable materials cannot be stressed enough. From mining equipment to bulletproof vests, every industry relies on tough and durable materials to ensure safety and efficiency. This is where boron carbide plates come into play- a material known for its exceptional hardness and toughness. […]

Welcome to the ultimate guide to tungsten tubes! If you’re in an industry that requires high-temperature and high-strength materials, then you’ve likely heard of tungsten. It is a rare earth element known for its incredible properties, such as exceptional strength, high melting point, and resistance to corrosion. However, did you know that tungsten tubes are […]

Are you in the market for durable and high-performing tungsten tubes? Look no further than custom fabrication and machining services. Tungsten, known for its exceptional strength and heat resistance properties, is a popular choice for various industrial applications. From aerospace to medical equipment, these versatile tubes play a critical role in many industries. However, finding […]

From car engines to medical equipment, tungsten tubes have become an essential component in a wide range of industries. Known for its outstanding durability and high melting point, this innovative metal has been at the forefront of technological advancements for decades. However, with the continuous demand for more efficient and sustainable solutions, researchers and manufacturers […]

Welcome to the world of industrial applications, where precision and durability are essential. In today’s fast-paced society, industries rely heavily on advanced materials to meet increasing demands. One such material is tungsten tubes, known for their strength, high melting point, and corrosion resistance. From aerospace components to oil drilling equipment, tungsten tubes have become an […]

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