There are various types of metals available in the market today, and one of them is the refractory metals. These are used in a variety of industries and they are primarily known for their strength and resistance. They are also used in the construction industry to enhance the safety of buildings and other structures. They […]

What are ultra-high temperature materials   Ultra-high-temperature materials refer to the most heat-resistant high-grade materials that can be used as usual under severe environments such as stress and oxidation, and at an ultra-high temperature of about 2000°C. Research and application of ultra-high temperature materials    1. Refractory metal Refractory metals (W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Zr, etc.) […]

PALLADIUM, SILVER, CADMIUM, INDIUM, TIN, ANTIMONY, TELLURIUM PALLADIUM Atomic symbol: Pd Atomic weight: 106.42 Atomic number: 46 Electron configuration: 2-8-18-18-0 Oxidation states: +2, +4 State of matter: solid Heavy metal, ductile Discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston Boils at 2927°C, melts at 1552°C Notes: Palladium is a silver, white metal that also occurs as […]

Refractory mining harvests can be a special school of metals of which are remarkably proof to wear plus heat. They will be used in metallurgy, elements science, and anatomist. Different elements contribute to the refractory properties of materials. Listed below are usually some examples associated with refractory metals and their properties. refractory materialsRefractory metals certainly […]

Refractory materials resist decomposition by heat, pressure, and chemical attack. They maintain strength at high temperatures and can be inorganic, polycrystalline, porous, or heterogeneous. These materials are used in a variety of industrial processes. There are many different types, including glass, ceramic, and ceramic-reinforced plastic. refractory metals The class of metals called refractory metals is […]

Ferrous metals are those which are iron-based, such as steel. These are used for various industrial applications, and small amounts of other elements such as copper or nickel can be added to enhance their properties, such as corrosion resistance and strength. These metals are then known as alloy steels. refractory metals The term refractory metals […]

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride, abbreviated as Pyrolytic BN or PBN, also known as Chemical vapour-deposited Boron Nitride, Chemical Vapour-deposition of Boron Nitride or CVD-BN, etc. As the name suggests, this is a kind of boron nitride prepared by high-temperature pyrolysis reaction by chemical vapor deposition method. Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) material has high purity, chemical inertness […]

Refractory materials are those that are resistant to the decomposition of heat and pressure or chemical attack, while still retaining their strength at high temperatures. These materials can be inorganic, organic, porous, or heterogeneous. Here are some examples of refractory materials and their uses. Listed below are a few of the most common uses. This […]